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The 2-part syringes for single use have a very user friendly design: they have solid flanges and a stabile and mobile plunger for optimal control and stability during injection, they have a highly transparent barrel for easy recognition of air bubbles, and clear printing for easy and correct reading of the dosage.

The ergonomically designed finger grips and plunger push-button allow a perfectly controlled and stabile injection.

Firm and definite end-stop prevents accidental separation or spillage, avoiding exposure to hazardous fluids.

The latex and PVC-free syringes are made of carefully selected, environmental friendly materials and are being systematically controlled during the production process.

The highly transparent barrel allows for easy recognition of air bubbles and the clear scale markings allow a precise dosage management.

The sterile, individual peel-off blister pack of each syringe keeps it in a sterile condition until it will be used. The lot number and expiry date are clearly marked on each blister.


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    steroidien luottokorttimaksu

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Syringe 2ml

Syringe 2ml

Buy Syringe 2ml

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