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Cidoteston CID 1ml amp [250mg/1ml]


Buy Cidoteston CID (testosterone enanthate)

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Testosterone enanthate (Delatestryl) is only slowly released after an intramuscular injection and that is why it should not be taken more than 1-2 times a month. The formulation comes as an esterified preparation of testosterone which is only meant to be administered by an intramuscular injection. The esterification of the testosterone increases the duration of action of the testosterone. The preparation comes in a colorless to mild yellow suspension of sesame oil. For medical uses, a dose of 250-500mg is used once a month.



Delatestryl is indicated in the treatment of conditions where testosterone is either deficient or absent. These conditions include:
primary hypogonadism- where the testes has been injured and fails to make the testosterone
Hypogonadism due to failure of the pituitary gland to release of Gonadotropins.
delayed puberty
In females with breast cancer, testosterone may help block the effects of estrogen and prevent further spread. It is an option instead of surgical removal of the ovaries.
In most cases of testosterone deficiency, therapy is required for a long time until the secondary sexual characteristic have been developed and the growth is adequate.


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Cidoteston CID 1ml amp [250mg/1ml]

Cidoteston CID 1ml amp [250mg/1ml]

Buy Cidoteston CID (testosterone enanthate)

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