TTOKKYO Methyltestosterone 25mg x 100 Count


Methyltestosterone is one of the oldest available oral steroids. It is produced by many various manufacturers and sold in a number of countries including the U.S.. It is quite androgenic, with minimal anabolic effects. For athletic purposes, methyltestosterone is generally only used to stimulate aggression among power lifters and those looking to boost up their workouts.

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When it comes to the effects of Methyltestosterone, it’s important to understand that the primary catalyst behind this is the saturation percentage of the androgen in your bloodstream. This is where it starts for most compounds, but with Methyltest, it’s especially potent. Once you sharply increase just how much of it is in your system, you’ll notice very quickly how effective it is. Reasons for using Methyltest could be related to deal with low levels brought about by an outside condition. You might also need to treat a different problem altogether, so the test increase would be much-needed. Regardless of why you would want to use it, the immediate effects you’ll notice will be the increase in sex drive (libido) as well as the feelings of motivation and energy returning back to normal. These things tend to go down with lower test levels, but if you feel them again after starting Methyltest, that’s your answer as to why you should definitely try supplementing with it. These aforementioned effects in particular are why people suffering from menopause or andropause will really enjoy using it, and without a doubt, people that fall into those problem categories should be the main individuals that should think about using it in the first place. Now aside from the basic medical usage of Methyltest, there really isn’t much reason to use it if you’re concerned about improving your performance capabilities. Why, you might ask? Because as we mentioned before, it’s just too toxic. With most methylated compounds, although they are easily ingested, the methylated add-on means that it is very toxic. This simply a no-go for anyone that is serious about any performance enhancement, so if you think you can get it done this way, you really need to re-think your approach to your enhancement plan. Aside from the toxicity of the product, it is also noticeably more estrogenic, so rather than having to use this compound, a user could easily find a suitable alternative to Methyltest while noticing the same exact benefits, sans the downsides. You would also have to use a very high dose of it for a long period of time, so given the fact it has these problems combined with a relative weakness, it is simply not the preferred kind of test you should think about using. In terms of sports performance, an athlete would not see much of an improvement, but in terms of pure mass-building, now that’s where an athlete might have a reasonable argument to thinking about using Methyltestosterone. Also, the androgenic effect of Methyltest is especially potent. You would notice immediately just how powerful the increased aggression, focus, and other similar traits are for sports performance, so if you have a timid guy and you give him Methyltest, he’s going to become a “killer” overnight. This is invaluable in a sports performance setting, because a lot of combat sports are tremendously reliant on the mentality and aggressiveness of a competitor. By supplementing with a substance that could tremendously spike aggression or focus, that is a legitimate advantage an athlete would want to have. It’s also great for strength athletes or strongmen, because many of their exercises require focus, aggression, and intensity to perform at the highest of levels. However, it should be noted with a disclaimer that the aforementioned effects by no means make someone into a literal “killer.” When we use the word “killer” we use it in a rhetorical sense to emphasize the colloquial understanding that in competitive environments, execution is critical to success. If you have someone that is unable or incapable (or even unwilling) to execute, it is not going to serve them well in that environment. This does not mean the compound will brainwash a good person into doing something good or will aggravate a bad person from being bad, but it merely means that the personality trait in one area will be heightened or “highlighted” based on the usage of this compound. Rather than saying aggression is bad in a vacuum, the truth is, the important thing is what we do with that new found aggression. If we use it for good, then good for us. But if we use it for nefarious purposes, we have only ourselves to blame and no one else. This is why we really give this compound an A-plus for its mental benefits, and it’s definitely very purposeful for those that are looking to get into a competitive environment and really maximize their total output for the long term. However, because it is so estrogenic, there are much better options if you really wanted to enhance your mind-set in a competitive environment.

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