TTOKKYO Pramipexole 0,5mg 25 Count


To help agains deca dick or/and trenbolone dick, side effect can be that you get even more horny.

Strong combatants of the heavy side effects that some people suffer from eg Trenbolone. The side effects are caused in many cases due to increased prolactin levels, which Cabaser lowers and counteracts.

High prolactin can give all-depression, numb dick to the body to start producing breast milk, etc.

Cabaser also combats the hardest side effects caused by Trenbolone and / or Deca. So it opens new doors to many who simply could not take either Trenbolone or Deca in any form before.

A nice side job is that it may - for some - be a lot of life in the sexdrive because the prolactin is counteracted and kept low or less than normal.

The conditions for building muscles are thus greatly increased as the preparations come to their full right.

Cabaser (Cabergoline) or Pramipexole? Some seem to respond better to one and worse on the other. You can try out.

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