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Hi and welcome to one of the oldest steroid selling websites in the world. If you are looking for steroids for sale in USA, and maybe you want to use your credit card to pay for these steroids, look no further! Look here how you can use your credit card to pay. We have been US experts on steroids and shipping to North America for more than 20 years. Its not easy to gain trust these days when it comes to scammers and who you can trust or not trust, but as a small help for you to gain our trust please refer to more than 20 years of happy customers dedications and 5 stars reviews, you can also check with trustpilot. You can rely on that we have the absolutely best prices on the internet combined with a very high quality for your needs of oral steroids hgh igf1 lr3 and also injectable anabolics. We wish you welcome to 24-7.is and hope that we can establish a long time relationship.
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Can you take the entire hgh dose of let´s say 5-10 iu´s at one time?
No, its not wise to take the whole amount of hgh in one single shot for example after the workout. For absolutely best results the hgh shall be split up like this: 2-3iu eo h or even better every third hour starting at the morning or at noon. Our body naturally puffs out about 0,5 iu so even if you go 1,5 - 3 iu every 3rd hour it will be a huge jump for the body. Our body can not handle more than 2 iu at one time, so if you inject 10iu you will piss out 8 in the toilet very soon, not to mention that you will only have one single high of hgh that will last for about 3 hours. If you inject hgh every 3rd h you will have a constant peak of high levels of gh in the body thruout the entire day, you will notice the difference as you might get muscle and joint pain head-ake, flu feeling when you start to inject every third hour! This is how the pro´s do it. You should also invest in a high speed insulin pen (that we actually sells) and you should combine every 3rd h shot with a 3 - 5 iu rapid insulin for super levels of igf1. Please be careful with insulin and always keep glucos handy! The only time you shall inject a bit more insulin (up to 10iu) is about 45 minutes before workout heavy, follow this injection with a BCAA shake with glucose powder (100gram) and creatine and you will experience the best pump and intense training of your life, your body will feel like its going to explode! Keep a likewise drink with you in the gym that you actually sips from all the time, when you come home wait 45 minutes before you shoot hgh as the gh levels is naturally high after a workout! Also take you last shot of gh at 9PM latest as you dont want to interfere with our body´s own gh puff that actually is the biggest of the 24h and happens about 2 hours after deep sleep. Growth hormone gradually increases the body's own IGF-1 production. At 4 IU of HGH per day, the IGF-1 levels would eventually increase up to 300% - this then causes muscle cells to build up, strength increase and bigger pumps during workouts.




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